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Can you tell the difference?

september 25th, 2014

Image taken with the Samsung galaxy note smartphone and processed with pixlr express android APP.

Image taken with the canon EOS t4i digital DSLR camera + sigma 17-70mm lens, processed in camera raw and photoshop.

This two images are taken just about 10 minutes apart, the first one taken with the smartphone camera and processed with the android APP vs the second one taken with a DSLR digital camera and processed in photoshop.

 You sure notice the vibrant and nice colors of the second image that's the result of being able to control how much light you let in the shot. What happens with cell phone cameras is that they are very limited and sometimes put you in situations that you just can't get the shot, in other words you can not operate a cell phone the way you do with a DSLR camera and that's because the camera that comes in your smartphone is automatic and most people use it the way it comes, almost no one bother to mess with their cell phone camera settings or they are very very limited on what you can do. My phone for example I can only mess with the ISO, seriously? (ISO help you a little in low light situations) so I practically can do nothing when bright sunny days like this example.

 On the other hand with the DSLR you can control anything, you can control ISO you can control how much light you want in your shots you can zoom in without sacrificing image quality and more, of course you will also have difficult situations depending on what type of DSLR you have.

 So next time you take a shot in bright sunny days with your smartphone if you can't do a simple thing like for example changing the shutter speed which would be very useful here, look out for the shade and place your subject under the shade and that will give you more chances for a much better shot...

Your thoughts are welcome...

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