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How to use natural light.

July 24th, 2014

What would you do if you get asked for a type of shot like this and you only work with natural light?

 Let me tell you it was a little bit of a challenge for me as well, first and we all (photographers) know it's impossible to get it all at once, you could get the sun setting nicely, but the two person would be totally underexposed; You could get them nicely captured and exposed, but you would get a blown out sky; You could get a silhouette, but that is not the case here.

So how would you go through this kind of situation and still get the shot perfectly exposed? Let me break it in two pieces.                                             

a) On the field, (this must be done using tripod or some sort of stabilization) In order to perform this type of shot you have to press the shutter button more than once, and something like three to five shots will get you there, many DSLR cameras these days have a function called "bracketed mode" this allow you to set up your camera so you get different exposures in a fraction of a second or two or three or more (depending on the light source strength) meaning that you can set up lets say for three shots which would be the first one to get the sky perfectly exposed, the second one to get the mid tones and the third one to get your main subject (the persons) properly exposed, if your camera doesn't have this function (bracketed mode) you can still do this shot by shot using manual mode where you would have to manually change the shutter speed of your camera to properly expose every shot and this conclude the first part.

b) post production, Now you have to have a basic knowledge of photoshop, that's what I used anyways. They have so many different kind of software where you can just upload the shots you got with the different exposure values and by following a few procedures you could get the final result, but doing it like this you are not always happy with the results so I prefer using manual blending in photoshop and this is how I did it: first I loaded the files in photoshop layers then I apply masks to the layers I will work with (masks allow you to blend between different layers, uncovering and covering wanted and unwanted areas respectively using the brush tool) so after I create a mask I then take the brush tool and start blending until I get the result I want.

To take it a little bit further and show kind of live action on the shot I then added a little bit of motion blur to the boy jumping for the disc, to the disc itself and to the girl's right arm coming back from the throw and that is how I've done this.

Any questions you may have, there's a comments box below this post so you can submit your questions, I appreciate comments  and thanks so much for coming to my website...

Your thoughts are welcome...

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